First post, not my first blog

Hi – I’ve recently been laid-off from my job in education and I’m starting this blog to explore all the things I love a little deeper. While losing my job has been pretty stressful, I am looking at it as a blessing and a chance to learn about myself and my creative potential.

Whenever I stepped into a classroom or an office (or almost any space for that matter), I always found myself more focused on how I’d like to re-design and decorate that space to make it a more pleasant environment. The same goes with textbooks and printed documents: wouldn’t students want to use them more if they looked more appealing? I can’t count the times where my boss would be like, “So, what do you think about the latest procedures we just talked about?” and I’d be all “Um, yeah, sounds good to me” because the whole time I was thinking about what colour paint would look best with the lighting in this room! or some other completely unrelated detail.  Then I realized that I have been thinking about these things everywhere I’ve worked: hospitals, vintage stores, even fast food restaurants. After years of flighting it, I realized I love indulging in these distractions, and this started to tell me something.

So here goes. I’ve made a place for  those “distractions” and this is it. The list is not short, so I hope some of the things that inspire me can inspire you, too!


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