How to Beat the Winter Blues: Part 1

Have you ever used a sunlamp?

They are said to help with seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and certain types of depression. Although I don’t feel depressed, I do suffer from chronic insomnia and my sleep therapist suggested I try it. She told me light therapy can help jumpstart my circadian rhythm, which would make me feel more alert in the morning and sleepier earlier in the evening (I usually don’t feel tired until 4am). Her instructions were to look into it as soon as possible when I wake up, keeping my face no more than a foot away, for 30 minutes.

I’ve had it for a few weeks but I am sometimes reluctant to use it. It’s not pleasant to stare into a bright light first thing in the morning! I just want to enjoy my coffee and slowly take in the day! But I have to consider the long-term effects. 30 minutes of discomfort in the morning might mean more time asleep at night.

I’m curious- what are your experiences with sunlamps?

Image via Ebay

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