In case you haven’t heard my whining, I’m in need of a bag. A nice, sturdy, everyday bag that I can wear with anything. Something with both a crossbody and a shoulder strap and big enough to fit a novel, 6 lipsticks and an exploding George Costanza wallet. Preferably locally made and within a budget. Well I found something that responds to all my needs, and I’m sharing it with you: Bookhou.

TOTE_-_GOLD_DOTS_a6876d7c-e883-4652-9d24-633a5883d9d7_grande DAY_SPRIG-WAX_grande

I’ve bought one of these pouches below at a craft fair and it’s super practical! I put all my purse contents in it, (the ones that are usually floating around my bag, like lip bam, gum, hair pins, etc.) and if I feel like wearing a different purse, I just need to transfer the pouch. Saves me time from rummaging and forgetting something I might need, like a pen. Lucky folks living in Toronto even have an official Bookhou store. Maybe worth a roadtrip?

POCKET_POUCH_LEAVES_RUST_6_grande LARGE_POUCH_gold_facet_on_black_3_grande

All images taken from the company’s website. Not sponsored in any way, just stuff I genuinely love.


  1. vivalaViv

    Indeed.., a daily handbag is so important to a woman! The 2nd one from the top is my favourite out of your above selections!
    Here’s what I think a bag means to a woman; I hope you like it:

    vivalaViv 😉

    • Little Kokomo

      I just read it! And I agree, it is an extension of oneself, so it has to be chosen carefully. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. atkokosplace

    You have great style. Love them all. The second one is my fave though 😉

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