Spring Positivity

Magnolia tree from my trip to DC a few years back

It’s been a pretty rough week and I’ve been trying to figure out how to approach this subject, which led me to just avoid my computer altogether. During my most recent medical visit, my doctor told me that my chances of having thyroid cancer are between 15-38%. While these odds are still in my favor, I was hoping to hear “Don’t worry, it’s benign, you can go back to living your life now!” But I need to start considering surgery, continue undergoing several tests, chasing down doctors, calling departments that never answer, and living with agonizing uncertainty.

In an effort to keep a positive perspective, I’m going to try very hard to enjoy my life and make future plans despite all the anxiety. It’s spring, my favorite season, that time of year that is full of hope and optimism for what is to come. Here are some of the little things that cheered me up this week:

avocado toast
Avocados are in season, which means I get to enjoy my favourite snack: avocado on toast
My work being featured on Montreal’s new blog Yul.buzz
Flowers from Jean-Talon market, blue mason jars used as vases

Have a beautiful week, everyone.

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