Illustration of the week: Stevie Nicks + Music suggestions please!

What have you been listening to lately? I’m open to suggestions as I’m looking for a good soundtrack for the season. I tend to get driving anxiety and music usually helps keep me calm. I made a little tribute to Stevie above, since Fleetwood Mac has been my go-to for any long drive or road trip. Also because she’s just awesome. In case you’re also looking for music, here are the albums/songs I’ve been into over the past little while. I’m always late to the party when it comes to new bands or artists, so please, feel free to share!

  • Spoon -They want my soul: always puts me in a good mood and I always sing along.
  • Perfume Genius – Too Bright: Slow and dramatic, this took me a few listens to get into but now I am HOOKED. The lyric “No family is safe when I sashay” says it all.
  • Kendrick Lamar – To Pimp a Butterfly: Just got into his latest one, but I have a feeling it will be the perfect summer soundtrack so I’m trying not to overplay it.
  • Taylor Swift- Welcome to New York: alright, no judgements here, everyone needs a catchy pop song once in a while. And as far as pop singers go, Taylor seems like the kinda girl I could hang with. As in, she’s the type of friend you can lend your favorite dress to and not be worried she’ll bring it back with a giant wine stain. She can keep it together, even when things aren’t going so well personally. Not the type of friend who you have to hold her hair back in the bathroom cause she had way too much, again. Bonus: She’s a fan of Joy the Baker, loves cats, points out sexism in music.
  • Jenny Lewis – The Voyager: A great indie folk country album, perfect for when I want to listen something a little melancholy.  Loved her since her Rilo Kiley days when I was kinda emo, so it’s a familiar comfort.
  • Mac Demarco – Salad Days: Love this album! it has a happy summer stoner vibe, jangly guitars and reminds me both of  Harry Nilsson and Ariel Pink.

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