Summer Trends I Love – Part One: Stacked rings + turquoise stones

I’m really loving this modern hippie/bohemian festival faerie look that’s everywhere, and I love that it extends itself into little details, like decorated hands. Anything that allows me to feel like a fortune teller in broad daylight is a welcome trend in my book. I’ve been noticing stacked rings of mixed metals and sizes, moon shapes, and gemstones on quite a few people, and mentioned it back when I wrote this post. Since the turquoise is my December birth stone, I’ve always had a special appreciation for it, and I find it complements every skin tone. Who needs a manicure when your hands are adorned with gems and metals?
The collage above was made with images I found on Pinterest. 

How great is this image below? It makes me think Blue-Lagoon-meets-The-Craft.

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

For a more subtle look (probably less heavy too!):

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

Are there any trends that you’re currently into?


  1. Little Kokomo

    I agree! There aren’t many colours that can accomplish that.

  2. fashionandish

    love this trend! it really does compliment every skin tone!

  3. sincerelyaimee

    I love the accessories! Especially the ones in the last picture! Stackable rings are the best because you can create so many looks with it. If you get a chance come check out my fashion, fitness and lifestyle blog 🙂

    • Little Kokomo

      Yes those are my favourite as well- they are the most realistic for everyday wear. I’m going to see your blog right now!

  4. funkyfashion007

    O I love turquoise and the boho look! Great trend choice! 🙂

  5. Miss Thrift

  6. stephanyalexandra

    I love stacking rings and turquoise stones, however, I am finding it hard to find delicate rings that use turquoise stones. They are usually on the chunky side, which I like, but I prefer more delicate items. Have you seen any like that?

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