Recent Films+TV I enjoyed

WhileWereYoungWhat’s your ideal way to spend a rainy weekend? When possible, I like to take the opportunity to stay in my pjs, grab some snacks, and watch a good movie or show. Here are my most recent favourite viewings:

While We’re Young (drama, comedy)

As a fan of anything by Noah Baumback (Greenberg, Frances Ha, Margot at the Wedding), I wasn’t disappointed. A couple in their 40s befriend another couple in their 20s and become inspired by their energy and lifestyle. While the couples have very different approaches to creativity and way of life, I found myself relating to both.

Spring (Romantic horror)

While I do love a really good horror movie, this film isn’t actually that scary, in case that’s your concern. It was more along the lines of Richard Linklater’s Before Sunrise series, with a bit of monster stuff thrown in. Great dialogue between the main characters and an awesome well-written female lead.

Unreal (TV, drama, dark comedy)

A tv producer (Shiri Appleby) works on the set of a reality show equivalent to The Bachelor. In order to keep the show’s ratings high, her job is to cause conflict and drama by manipulating the contestants. While it mainly showcases that “reality” shows are indeed completely fabricated, it equally points out the heavy emotional strains that the cast and crew are subjected to.

(Image credit: Scott Rudin Productions)

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