Tips for a gallery wall you’ll love

gallery wall

It took a little more effort than expected, but our gallery wall is finally complete. I love how it makes the living room feel so much more cozy and colourful, and an extension of ourselves (Josh and I) in a way. Here are 8 pointers I’m sharing from my own experience:
1) Select the right spot: Preferably somewhere well-lit, but not in direct sunlight as the colours in the artwork can fade and the reflection will bounce off the glass. It will have more of an impact if it’s the central focus of a room, so the wall that is most visible when entering the room is usually a good choice.
gallery wall littlekokomo.com2) Choose art or pieces that are meaningful to you: signed autograph, concert tickets, a child’s doodle, inside jokes… pieces that hold happy memories will conjure up good feelings when you look at them. I’m pretty fond of my Mick Jagger autograph from 1979, passed down from Josh’s mom. I also love objects that were collected during our travels, such as the alligator head from New Orleans. 

gallery wall
Mick Jagger’s scribble, top left

3) Look for variety in your frames: Unless you’re going for the monochromatic look, finding the right frame for each piece of art can bring out the details that might otherwise go unnoticed. Bonus points if you can find a good vintage frame, but I also like to check Ikea (cheap), DeSerres and Michaels (pricey but customizable).

4) Try out a few combinations on your floor first: there are so many ways to lay out your frames and art, it’s hard to get it wrong really. Generally it is advised to put the biggest piece in the center and work your way out, saving the smaller pieces for the outer edges.

5) Spacing: If you are placing your gallery above a couch, the bottom of the lowest frame should be roughly 5-6 inches above the couch. How far apart should the frames be? I particularly like 2-3 inches between frames, but I’ve seen randomly scattered gallery walls that also looked great.
gallery wall littlekokomo.com6) Get a second pair of eyes: I highly recommend getting help from someone with a good aesthetic sense. Attempting this project alone may lead to many unnecessary holes in your wall.

7) When in doubt, use a template. Trace pieces of brown or colourful paper around your frames, cut them out, and see how it all fits on the wall space.

Image credit:
Image credit:

8) Use a Level! Preferably not the kind you download as an app on your phone.
gallery wall littlekokomo.comPS: see some of my favorite print shops on Etsy here
PPS: see my bookshelf before and after here
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