Potluck Planning

Do you have any go-to recipes or crowd pleasing dishes for big dinners? I often try something new at the last minute, which usually involves some unexpected little disasters along the way. Nevertheless, here is what I’m planning on making over the next few weeks:Perencake2Pear cardamom cake [via]

Caramel pecan tart [via] or [via]

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 11.24.56 PMLamb chops with garlic [via]

MTM0NTE3OTc2NTQ3MjM1MDkwRoasted sweet potato, beets, fennel and pear with cinnamon dressing [via]

2 thoughts on “Potluck Planning

  1. yummm! All of these look amazing! The first dessert reminded me of a wine poached pear I like making, here’s a link:http://wp.me/p63ebu-7e. Its actually really easy to make and it usually impresses people. Also, you could try mash cauliflower, its the healthy version of mash potatoes. People usually love it!

    1. those pears look amazing, thanks for sharing that! and I’ve had cauliflower mash before and loved it, I should definitely think about that next time. The more plant-based, the better!

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