Illustrated Recipe: Mushroom Paté

I’m extra excited to share my latest illustration, mainly because it’s a recipe by an awesome and inspiring friend of mine. Danielle Levy is a nutritionist based in Montreal who has taught me so much about health and food and how they are related. I went to get a consultation from her a few years ago after having been on antibiotics for about 9 months. My immune system was hit pretty bad, my skin was developing rashes non-stop, my energy was low and I had frequent heartburn. Doctors didn’t seem to listen to my issues at the time, but rather prescribe me more antibiotics which just added to the unhealthy cycle. Danielle helped me turn things around gradually while still maintaining a positive relationship with food. Food is, after all, one of the greatest pleasures in life, right?

I encourage you to check out her nutrition blog here to see her inspirational posts and recipes!


Interior design student. beach bum wannabe. clumsy guitar player. maker of things.  I started this blog to collect thoughts, inspiration, food, and basically anything that stimulates creativity and shares my love of life. I sometimes like to include my Illustrations with my posts. All images and photographs are my own unless stated otherwise.

I believe that having a good sense of style is not really about following trends. I love it when pretty things are also made ethically and responsibly. You pretty much have all my respect if you can manage to make that happen!

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I’ve teamed-up with my favourite nutritionist Danielle Levy to illustrate one of her delicious recipes

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