Summer Trends I Love – Part One: Stacked rings + turquoise stones

I’m really loving this modern hippie/bohemian festival faerie look that’s everywhere, and I love that it extends itself into little details, like decorated hands. Anything that allows me to feel like a fortune teller in broad daylight is a welcome trend in my book. I’ve been noticing stacked rings of mixed metals and sizes, moon shapes, and gemstones on quite a few people, and mentioned it back when I wrote this post. Since the turquoise is my December birth stone, I’ve always had a special appreciation for it, and I find it complements every skin tone. Who needs a manicure when your hands are adorned with gems and metals?
The collage above was made with images I found on Pinterest. 

How great is this image below? It makes me think Blue-Lagoon-meets-The-Craft.

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

For a more subtle look (probably less heavy too!):

Photo credit:

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Are there any trends that you’re currently into?

My top fashion picks for summer

Summer wishlist

Hi everyone, this was my first ever collage using Photoshop and I had a blast making it! Well, to be honest, there was a bit of swearing and frustration involved (learning curve!), but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Here are my top picks for the summer: a mix of cognac leathers, washed out cotton, some minimalist jewelry and a lacy feminine skirt that hits just below the knee.

1. Brixton Felt hat (also lovely and cheaper: here)
2. Free People Thunder Moon Tee
3. Chambray Shirt dress (similar here)
4. Maksym Geometric pendant
5. Dolce Vita Laynie Flats
6. X Bangle or cuff
7. Auxiliary Bega satchel bag
8. JOA scallop lace skirt

I tried to keep it minimal, but there are so many beautiful things I could add! Summer is such a fun season to shop for.
What is on your wish list?

Bridesmaid Dress Shopping 101

2014-09-27 11.43.39 8001152

Ok guys, say what you will, but this summer I will be a bridesmaid for the 3rd time. Personally, I love planning events, so being involved in this process is fun for me. The rush of getting everything together, dressing up, browsing through Pinterest for ideas, being there for my friends… I enjoy it all. But like any big event, it can also be stressful, so with all the experience I’ve had, I thought I’d share some advice when shopping for bridesmaid dresses:

  • Start ahead of time. I mean REALLY ahead. 4-6 months at least. Just in case there are any curveballs thrown your way.
  • On shopping days, each bridesmaid should bring with them: a strapless bra that matches their skintone, nude underwear, a pair of generic heels that match with everything, and a pair of nylons just in case.
  • Prep yourself so you feel comfortable: you are going to be looking at yourself in front of a mirror for the next few hours, so you want to feel confident. Whether that means putting on some makeup, shaving, or simply getting enough sleep the night before, do what makes you feel your best so that you aren’t dreading the sight of your reflection.
    Nautical bridesmaids yellow dresses

    Photo credit: WonderPhotography by Malgorzata Babiarz

    Nautical bridesmaids yellow dresses

    Photo credit: WonderPhotography by Malgorzata Babiarz

  • If you are getting something custom-made, take down your measurements in your phone. This may come in handy later on the off-chance that any mistakes are made.
  • Take account of each other’s body types and be realistic. Petites, plus sizes, long torsos… keep in mind that the more variety you have in your group, the more you might have to look around for something that fits and flatters everyone.
  • Ask around about a good affordable seamstress, just in case. The store usually charges something crazy for last-minute hems.

    mint and lace bridesmaids dresses

    Photo credit: Simon Nomis

  • Wear a dress or a skirt on shopping day. It’ll make the changing process a lot easier and faster.
  • Call stores beforehand to ask if they allow customers to take photos (warning: most places don’t!)
  • Privately discuss budget with the bride beforehand. This is a hard topic to bring up, but it’s best not to avoid it. Find out what is expected of you financially and communicate what you are comfortable with.
  • Look elsewhere other than bridal stores. Surprisingly, we once found the best dresses at RW&Co (a Canadian clothing chain).
  • Make it fun! Try to laugh, share some champagne, play “who wore it best”, and remember that in the end, it’s just one day in your life.

    Keeping it fun while trying on dresses at Boutique J'adore

    Setting the mood while trying on dresses at Boutique J’adore

**If you live in the Montreal area, I really recommend Boutique J’adore in Pointe-Claire Village. It’s cozy, private, and the staff really take the time to listen to you.

Recycle + Upcycle Blogging Challenge!

My favourite plaid shirt

April is National Recycling Month!

I want to invite all you bloggers out there to take part in a Recycle + Upcycle Challenge! It’s easy: at least once a week, try to post about something you own that is vintage or second-hand. This could be clothing, jewelry, dishes, furniture, decorations, books, you name it! Be creative! Share why you love it and spread the word! While I was a student in university, I had the chance to work at 3 vintage stores and assist with several pop-up shops, so I will be sharing some experience I learned along the way.

I like to keep things positive, so rather than lecture you about what fast fashion is doing to the planet, here are some advantages of owning vintage or second hand things:
-Quality: whether it’s leather, silk, porcelain, wood… it all used to be made BETTER. Materials were locally-sourced, workers were skilled in their trade and got paid decent wages to make things with care.
-Style: yeah it’s fun to follow the trend, but don’t you want to stand out of the crowd every once in a while? Find a piece that shows character and personality. People who get noticed are usually those who are not afraid of being different. You’ll often find great items that are classic anyway.
-Price: on a budget? Thrift store’s got you covered.
-Guilt-free: you just saved something from being in a landfill for the next 200 years! You are awesome!

**The featured image above: I’m wearing my favourite plaid shirt, which my mom used to wear. Don’t ask why I’m doing lunges. Photo credit: Dara Jade Moats. 

I love this dress, I usually wear it with a belt (I was apple picking that day, so kept it casual)

         Above image: I love this dress, I usually wear it with a belt (I was apple picking that day and it was muddy, so I kept it casual)

Hanging out at the old vintage shop

Above: Hanging out at the old vintage shop circa 2008

Happy upcycling + thrifting! xo

Illustration of the week: Body Loving

I drew the image above as a reaction to something that left a nagging feeling in the back of my head.

Last week, I was shopping at a bookstore downtown when I came across the print below.
MIN-K1B-GNA-007_A_APZWhile it is beautiful and quickly got my attention, I’m just tired of seeing the same body type over and over in fashion illustration, and fashion altogether. I am not into thin-shaming in any way, and I don’t discriminate against any size. It’s just that less than 5% of women have the body type that is constantly being shoved in our faces. I think I speak for all of us when I say we’ve seen enough thigh gaps for a lifetime. I’d like it if women of all shapes and ethnicities could be represented (and this is coming from a white woman who usually fits in a size small, not that it should matter). Show me the diversity that I see in the city everyday. Show me that women of all walks of life can be included in what we define as beautiful. Then maybe when we hear phrases like “Just love your body”, we can actually give it a try.

So many of us can be really critical of the way we look, trying to fit into someone else’s idea of beauty, even when it’s not physiologically possible.
Your body is amazing. It does so much for you, and the least you can do for it is to stop judging it. Be kind to yourself. (At least for today).

Have a lovely weekend, xoxo

PS: see more of my illustrations here.

Easy half-moon nails

My hands feel extra fancy these days with the combination gold half moons + Tiffany blue on my nails. The colours conveniently divert my eyes from the dry winter skin that only some warm weather will eventually cure. Thanks to these French manicure adhesives that a roommate gave me, the process was easy. Easy like Sunday morning.

You will need:
-a solid colour nail polish
-a metallic nail polish
Sally Hansen French Manicure Kit adhesives (although if you have binder protectors lying around, those will do the trick)
-base coat (optional)

1) Start by applying the base coat. Follow with 2 thin coats of solid nail polish, letting each dry really well in between and after.
2) When you think your nails are dry, do a test-try on one nail with an adhesive: apply it check if the polish comes off when you peel it.

IMG_10633) Good to go? Then add adhesives just below midway on your nails. Gently press into the sides to ensure a clean line. (I tend to reuse mine, that’s why some have paint on them).
4) Paint a thin coat of metallic polish, starting from your nail bed going upwards  (it’s ok if some gets on the adhesive)
Tiffany blue + gold half moon nails

5) When dry, carefully remove adhesives and marvel at your hands!
Tiffany blue + gold half moon nailsThis pretty antique dish that I keep jewelry in is what led to the inspiration. Nail colours are Revlon Gold Coin (cheap!) and Nicole by OPI My Lifesaver.


In case you haven’t heard my whining, I’m in need of a bag. A nice, sturdy, everyday bag that I can wear with anything. Something with both a crossbody and a shoulder strap and big enough to fit a novel, 6 lipsticks and an exploding George Costanza wallet. Preferably locally made and within a budget. Well I found something that responds to all my needs, and I’m sharing it with you: Bookhou.

TOTE_-_GOLD_DOTS_a6876d7c-e883-4652-9d24-633a5883d9d7_grande DAY_SPRIG-WAX_grande

I’ve bought one of these pouches below at a craft fair and it’s super practical! I put all my purse contents in it, (the ones that are usually floating around my bag, like lip bam, gum, hair pins, etc.) and if I feel like wearing a different purse, I just need to transfer the pouch. Saves me time from rummaging and forgetting something I might need, like a pen. Lucky folks living in Toronto even have an official Bookhou store. Maybe worth a roadtrip?

POCKET_POUCH_LEAVES_RUST_6_grande LARGE_POUCH_gold_facet_on_black_3_grande

All images taken from the company’s website. Not sponsored in any way, just stuff I genuinely love.