Turning your photographs into canvas artwork with 44 Wide

photos turn to canvas print littlekokomo.com

I often get questions about this picture hanging in my living room, which is also my blog header at the moment. It looks a little abstract and mysterious, and It’s actually a photograph I took of a sunrise one morning in my old apartment. It was a cold (-30 celsius) Montreal winter day, and I was up at 6am getting ready for work, somewhat begrudgingly. It was so cold that there was a layer of ice on the windows. I’m not talking about cute little frosty ice, I mean thick sheets of ice that refused to melt for weeks. As I walked past the dining room, I couldn’t help but notice a golden shimmer coming through the window and just had to get my camera to capture it. I took it as an omen to stay positive during the dead of winter.
printing photos onto canvas Littlekokomo.com44 Wide is a Canadian company that creates high quality prints with your photographs, and produces them onto large custom canvases. I cropped the picture I took, rotated it horizontally, and uploaded it directly to their website, custom choosing my frame size, canvas texture and border. The final product, a 30X40 inch canvas, was delivered to my doorstep less than 3 weeks later. I’m pretty happy with the result; it ties the room together and more importantly, I feel like I was involved in the creative process. Rather than getting something generic that you’ll see in a ton of other homes, why not go for something more personal and unique?
printing photos onto canvas Littlekokomo.comprinting photos onto canvas Littlekokomo.comIf you subscribe to their mailing list, they notify you about frequent sales. I happened to take advantage of one that was 40% off!

printing photos onto canvas Littlekokomo.com

Canvas texture up close

All links are non-affiliate and genuine appreciation. For more info on this company, please visit 44 Wide’s website.
PS: for gallery wall ideas, see here.
PPS: take a boring Ikea bookcase to the next level here.

Women in comedies rule!

Have you guys seen the trailer for Mistress America? Tracy, a lonely college freshman, is having a pretty disappointing time in NYC. She decides to call her older soon-to-be stepsister Brooke (Greta Gerwig), who lives in Times Square. Brooke is about 10 years her senior and her life is nothing short of adventurous. The film premiered at Sundance, and like most Noah Baumback movies, looks funny and sincere. It’s already out in theatres in the US, but we still have another week before it comes out in Canada.

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5 Good reads to stretch out your summer

littlekokomo.com summer reads

What are you reading these days? One of my favorite parts about summer is getting caught up in a good book (or two, or three) and allowing myself time to read, preferably outdoors in a park or near a lake. I’m still in denial about fall approaching (46 days to be exact), so I like the idea of extending the feeling of summer and diving into a new book. I usually like to read about relationships or coming-of-age stories, so if we have that in common, here are 5 books you might be interested in: Continue Reading ›

My favorite print shops on Etsy

little kokomo etsy favesI’ve been working on a gallery wall for the past few weeks, and it ended up being a little harder than it looks. I needed a few pieces to complete it, and turned to Etsy. While I love browsing through different artists’ shops on Etsy, it can sometimes be intimidating. There’s so much to choose from, where does one begin? Here’s a roundup of a few of my favorite shops. Are there any artists on Etsy you love? Please share!
1. Raymond Biesinger
Montreal-based artist Raymond Biesinger creates silkscreened art prints that sometimes have a historical or political context. One of my favorites, which I own, is this map of europe from 1919, which also functions as a RISK boardgame thanks to some cards he includes with the print.
2. Leigh Viner
Colourful and feminine, Leigh Viner’s work captures what I love most about fashion illustration. The soft colours contrasted with strong makeup are often combined with collage and pretty scribbles. The women featured look beautiful with a usual hint of sadness to them, which is what makes the images so captivating to me.
little kokomo etsy picks3. Clare Elsaesser
Clare Elsaesser paints timeless paintings of women and the sea, among other things. Textured brushstrokes capture the movement of the waves and the light that is uniquely found when one is at sea. I had a tough time choosing which one, as they all transported me to my own memories by the ocean.
4. House Grafton
If you’re not a Game of Thrones fan, you probably at least know a few. I purchased this piece from House Grafton, an artist who made his own rendition of the Sigils of the Houses of Westeros. little kokomo etsy faves

5. City Map Art
City Map Art offers prints of different city maps, but the best part is, you can choose between 48 different colours. Definitely makes things easier if you’re looking for that specific shade to match the colour pallet you are working with.
6. Linton Art
I love the natural effortless art that is found in nature. These tree ring stamps offer a geometric quality to any room as well as a reminder that simple beauty surrounds us in all living things. These prints are all original pieces, no copies were made, and the trees are true to size.

Illustration of the week: Stevie Nicks + Music suggestions please!

stevie nicks watercolour littlekokomo.com

What have you been listening to lately? I’m open to suggestions as I’m looking for a good soundtrack for the season. I tend to get driving anxiety and music usually helps keep me calm. I made a little tribute to Stevie above, since Fleetwood Mac has been my go-to for any long drive or road trip. Also because she’s just awesome. In case you’re also looking for music, here are the albums/songs I’ve been into over the past little while. I’m always late to the party when it comes to new bands or artists, so please, feel free to share!

  • Spoon -They want my soul: always puts me in a good mood and I always sing along.
  • Perfume Genius – Too Bright: Slow and dramatic, this took me a few listens to get into but now I am HOOKED. The lyric “No family is safe when I sashay” says it all.
  • Kendrick Lamar – To Pimp a Butterfly: Just got into his latest one, but I have a feeling it will be the perfect summer soundtrack so I’m trying not to overplay it.
  • Taylor Swift- Welcome to New York: alright, no judgements here, everyone needs a catchy pop song once in a while. And as far as pop singers go, Taylor seems like the kinda girl I could hang with. As in, she’s the type of friend you can lend your favorite dress to and not be worried she’ll bring it back with a giant wine stain. She can keep it together, even when things aren’t going so well personally. Not the type of friend who you have to hold her hair back in the bathroom cause she had way too much, again. Bonus: She’s a fan of Joy the Baker, loves cats, points out sexism in music.
  • Jenny Lewis – The Voyager: A great indie folk country album, perfect for when I want to listen something a little melancholy.  Loved her since her Rilo Kiley days when I was kinda emo, so it’s a familiar comfort.
  • Mac Demarco – Salad Days: Love this album! it has a happy summer stoner vibe, jangly guitars and reminds me both of  Harry Nilsson and Ariel Pink.

Recycle + Upcycle Blogging Challenge!

My favourite plaid shirt

April is National Recycling Month!

I want to invite all you bloggers out there to take part in a Recycle + Upcycle Challenge! It’s easy: at least once a week, try to post about something you own that is vintage or second-hand. This could be clothing, jewelry, dishes, furniture, decorations, books, you name it! Be creative! Share why you love it and spread the word! While I was a student in university, I had the chance to work at 3 vintage stores and assist with several pop-up shops, so I will be sharing some experience I learned along the way.

I like to keep things positive, so rather than lecture you about what fast fashion is doing to the planet, here are some advantages of owning vintage or second hand things:
-Quality: whether it’s leather, silk, porcelain, wood… it all used to be made BETTER. Materials were locally-sourced, workers were skilled in their trade and got paid decent wages to make things with care.
-Style: yeah it’s fun to follow the trend, but don’t you want to stand out of the crowd every once in a while? Find a piece that shows character and personality. People who get noticed are usually those who are not afraid of being different. You’ll often find great items that are classic anyway.
-Price: on a budget? Thrift store’s got you covered.
-Guilt-free: you just saved something from being in a landfill for the next 200 years! You are awesome!

**The featured image above: I’m wearing my favourite plaid shirt, which my mom used to wear. Don’t ask why I’m doing lunges. Photo credit: Dara Jade Moats. 

I love this dress, I usually wear it with a belt (I was apple picking that day, so kept it casual)

         Above image: I love this dress, I usually wear it with a belt (I was apple picking that day and it was muddy, so I kept it casual)

Hanging out at the old vintage shop

Above: Hanging out at the old vintage shop circa 2008

Happy upcycling + thrifting! xo